Dr. Bruce Alan Brown



Date of Birth:               January 12, 1946


Education:                   B.Sc., 1968, Queen’s University, Kingston. Geological Sciences, Urban Planning and Chemistry.


                                    D. Phil., 1970, Geochemistry, Oxford University.


                                    Post-doctoral teaching at University College, London, recipient of the Edgar Pam Fellowship in Mining and the British Petroleum Post-doctoral Fellowship.


Professional Affiliations:


                                    Professional Engineers of Ontario

                                    Canadian Geotechnical Society

                                    Water Environment Association of Ontario

                                    Canadian Institute of Planners

                                    Ontario Professional Planners Institute

                                    Canadian Testing Association (President 1979-81)

                                    Engineering Institute of Canada

                                    Institute of Public Health Engineers (Fellow)

                                    Air and Waste Management Association

                                    Ontario Society for Environmental Management

                                    Ontario Waste Management Association (Member of Government Affairs Committee)

                                    Recycling Council of Ontario

                                    Ontario Association for Impact Assessment


Experience:                 Thirty-one years as principal of Bruce A. Brown Associates Limited




Preparation of Environmental Assessments, Audits, impact statements and bio-physical inventories for sensitive areas, redevelopment of industrial lands, transportation/utility corridors, urbanizing areas, recreational areas, waste management sites, estate residential development, pits and quarries and on Indian Reserves. Risk assessment and mitigation through physical design, use of structures, setbacks or buffering land uses. Assessment of methane and hydrocarbon vapours and protection of buildings and structures, forensic assessment and remediation following explosions, fires, major spills and other catastrophic events.


Design of estate residential subdivisions, siting of dwellings and structures, lot grading and onsite services plans to deal with constraints of slopes, drainage, to assure retention of mature vegetation, achieve appropriate buffering, within environmentally sensitive areas and to deal with other limitations on sites or contiguous lands.


                               Appraisal of producing pits and quarries and of properties having aggregates reserve for business/taxation purposes. Pits and quarries development and rehabilitation engineering design. Petrographic analyses for historical building materials, aggregates and related construction materials and materials forensic assessments for litigation support. Thin and polished section materials laboratory and microscopy analyses including matching historical materials, such as for Casa Loma, Toronto and Library of Parliament, Ottawa.


Testing and recommendations for and supervision of cleanup of soil and groundwater systems contaminated by petrochemicals, salt, leachate, radioactive wastes and other pollutants; delineation of zones of contaminated soils or groundwater and formulating recommendations for containment, removal or rehabilitation; testing for and design of means to contain or otherwise protect buildings and structures including encapsulation and isolation. Major projects in site remediation include The Railway Lands and SkyDome, former Massey Ferguson Lands in the City of Toronto, the Goodyear, PPG Industries and Kingsway Transport sites in Etobicoke, Pavilions at Kings Landing and other Harbourfront redevelopment properties in Toronto and the Collingwood Shipyards.


Development of policies, management and rehabilitation plans for impaired former industrial or environmentally sensitive lands, including landfills and wastes management sites. Determining mitigative measures for potentially incompatible land uses such as against heavy industry, extractive industries, sewage treatment facilities and landfills and geo-environmental engineering design for regrading, capping, selective removals or other measures.


Geotechnical evaluation of slope stability, design of erosion control devices such as retaining walls, gabions, design of foundations. Supervision of installation of such works, including contract administration. Evaluation of building foundation and slope failures, recommendation for and supervision of rehabilitation.


Phase I, II, and III Environmental Evaluations including historical research, site remediation and pre-demolition surveys, asbestos, PCB, UST removals, demolition control and site quality verification programs.

Evaluation of subsoils and groundwater conditions for water supply and design of private wastes systems for seasonal/recreational, large resort, commercial/ industrial onsite sewage systems and large proprietary, lagoon and spray irrigation systems.


Providing expert engineering and environmental opinion for the courts and other tribunals and for geo-environmental peer review to public sector clients including upper levels of government, local municipalities, including the City of Mississauga resident’s associations, including nearby Gordon Woods in Mississauga and for private sector clients.


Other Affiliations:


Five years as a member of the Planning Board, for the City of North York.

Three years as Chairman of the Planning Advisory Committee for the former City of North York. During this term, a comprehensive overhaul of the City’s Official Plan was completed and approved with no OMB references.

Member, National Yacht Club (member of  Building and Planning Committees)

Bayview Village Association - President (two terms)

Member, Mensa Canada

Member, Associates of the Toronto Symphony

Member, Federation of Ontario Naturalists

Member, Association of Ontario Field Botanists

Canadian Testing Association, Ontario Chapter President (two terms)

Partner in Canadian Eagle Recyclers Inc - operating specialized demolition equipment for segregation of masonry, brick, wood and drywall from major construction and demolition sites and for on site waste segregation and soil remediation processing.



Reports and Publications:


                               Greater Toronto Area - Urban Structure Concepts Study Greening/Environment background report. June 1990, with the IBI Group; Prepared for the Office of the Greater Toronto Area.


                               Sources of Contamination on Decommissioning and Redevelopment Sites. In, Anticipating, Defending and Litigating Environmental Liability Claims.  Insight Educational Services Proceedings of February 21, 1990 Seminar.


                               Environmental Science - A Primer for Lawyers and Business Executives.  General Environmental Sciences, Soil Chemistry and Site Decommissioning. Text and course offered semi-annually from 1990 through 1996. Insight Educational Services.


                               Onsite Management and Offsite Disposal Options for Soils and Solid Wastes from Decommissioning of Redevelopment Sites. In, Site Decommissioning, Clean up and Remediation, 1990. The Canadian Institute Proceedings, Toronto, January 1990.


                               Design of Control Devices to Increase Reliability of Large Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems. With C.M. Spence. Proc. Sixth National Symposium on Individual and Small Community Wastewater Systems. December, 1991, Chicago. American Society of Agricultural Engineers.


                               Use of "Grey" Soils in Landfill Design and in Monofills. Proc. 12th Annual Symposium, Recycling Council of Canada. Toronto, November 1991.


                               Contamination - What Are the Costs of Soil Remediation Programs? Toronto Real Estate Board Industrial & Commercial Investment Council Perspective Report, ICI Insight Report, 1992.


                               Understanding Encapsulation. Report and Presentation to Executive Enterprises Seminar Series, Effective Strategies for Environmental Site Assessment and Cleanup. Toronto, February, 1992.


Technical Aspects of Environmental Claims. In "Insurance Claims for Environmental Damages”, Conference June 2-3, 1993, Toronto and proceedings. Executive Enterprises, Inc. New York.


Report of the Sheppard Subway Task Force. August 1990, co-authored with Professor Tony Turrittin.


                               Balancing Flows for Large Onsite Sewage Systems. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Proc. 1989 Summer Conf. Quebec City.






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