Bruce A. Brown Associates Limited performs Phase 1 Environmental Evaluations to assess environmental quality of real property.  Clients such as property owners, purchasers, lenders, and tenants can use information generated by a Phase I Environmental Evaluation when dealing with possible liabilities related to management of contaminated property.  Brown Associates carries out visual inspections, general enquiries to management, tenants, and approvals agencies as well as researching secondary sources including historical insurance mapping, aerial photograph, street directories and government records.



A Phase I Environmental Evaluation comprises site investigations of buildings and properties to assess any specific site requirements for storage, removal or control of materials or emissions and to establish and document any other site condition(s) that could have an influence on the use of the property; historical review of the area to indicate past uses and to determine the presence of any hazardous, regulated or deleterious materials or other potentially hazardous condition(s).  Phase I Assessments are carried out in accordance with CSA Standards (Z 768-01), CMHC or ASTM guidelines.


  • Site Inspections
  • Interviews
  • Historical Research
  • Records Review - Geological, Soil, Topographical Maps
  • Recommendation for Remediation/Phase II Evaluation
  • Report and Drawing Preparations (AutoCAD)


Historical Air Photograph